Thursday, May 30, 2013

Felting at the Laundromat

Well last night we were at the local laundromat felting our Bedouin Bags that we finished and I must say they all came out beautiful!!! This was the second time I had this class and it is so much fun seeing the colors and ideas each person has for their own handbag. This time one person chose to do  the bag in a charcoal gray with the welts in some colorful Noro Kuryeon. It came out amazing. When I learn how to add pictures to this blog I will post and you can see for yourself. When everyone comes back next week to add their handles I will take pictures and add to my Facebook page.
I am definitely adding more felting projects to the class schedule in the fall. It is a great learning class for beginning knitters and it is something you can do after you get over the initial fear of immersing your hours of knitting into a hot water bath!!!
You can always come by the Yarn Room and see the bag I knitted completely out of Noro Kuryeon. Because it is knitted with a single strand of yarn it is not recommended to use as a handbag with the handles I attached but it would be a great tote bag for the beach or for the city to "lug around all your stuff"!!!
Felting takes quite a lot of yarn to create something wonderful but the results are amazing and you can be as creative as you want to be in your yarn selection and add things later to embellish as you like.


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